He was born in 81, his name is Massimo. He loves to think that Massimo means “maximum” and he was not named like that out of the blue.

She was born in 79, her name is Sophie. She loves to think that Sophie means “Wisdom” and that it shows in her everyday life.


He is Italian. He used to live in London for few years, before going back to Italy.

She is French. She used to live in South Africa and London for few years, before going to live in Italy.


He loves moto, speed, The Queers and NIN.

She loves ski, reading books, Edit Piaf and Muse.


He loves Rum and like wine.

She loves Wine and like Rum.


He would love to live by the sea, the sun and the beach.

She would love to live up north, in an old castle surrounded by snow.


He loves seafood and hates cheese.

She loves cheese and hates seafood.


He loves travelling and adventure.

She loves adventure and travelling.


They both find it hard to settle for too long somewhere as their friends and family are all over.


They believe we live once and we don’t know what tomorrow is made of.


They for sure, use that excuse often.



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