Ecuador – Volcano ride

Ecuador – Volcano ride

To me, riding my bike with Sophie on volcanos has been the highlight of Ecuador. This country has been wonderful, beautiful, we spent the whole time in the mountains trying to void the tropical heat of the coast and staying far from the Amazon jungle avoiding Zica which is latterly making me paranoid.

They have nice things in Ecuador, pretty cities like Riobamba and Cuenca, good beer which even Sophie appreciated, friendly people, perfect roads and nearly 100% of the landscape is cultivated with a lot of cure making the panorama totally different from the wild Colombian one. On the other side, they have this weird tradition of eating “Cuy”, a local scary looking type of roasted rat. Brrrrrrrr!

However, we are talking about volcanos. You should get your bike to Ecuador, bring it at Chimorazo national reserve and ride off-road on the volcano ashes chasing lamas. I was laughing my ass off in the helmet while chasing these animals. Ok ok, I should leave them alone but, I wasn’t hurting them, I was going slow and just getting out of the way and it mostly just happened that they were on may way 🙂
Riding on the Chimborazo is easy and rewarding, it’s like riding on the moon, on top os the clouds and you will feel like in a dream.

But riding on the Tungurahua is another story. There is an actual road going around it which according to locals is very dangerous, so, of course, we turned the bike on that direction immediately. The road is mostly gravel, and nice to ride as it crosses dry lava rivers. The hard parts are when the road is covered by ashes. Those ashes are incredibly thin, much more unstable of sand. You can go through it, but there is just one piece of road down hill on which there is a big deposit of ashes, and makes it tough. I touched the front break for a millisecond and I was on the floor with Titine. No damage, but I was a bit shocked, I perfectly knew I didn’t have to touch the from break, but still I did it without thinking. Boom! Down!

I loved the Volcano Rode!

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