End of December important events

End of December important events

  • We crossed the Guatemala to Honduras border, pissing off the Aduana (vehicles import office) woman as we treated her as if she was corrupted. After all 40$ for the permit feels a bit too much…
  • We arrived at the Atlantic coast of Honduras spending the night on a nice beach and crossing the country in two days through high mountains
  • We crossed the Honduras to Guatemala border during a raining day. during that border cross also it felt like people was trying togged as much as possible from us.
  • We watched Star Wars 7. I liked it, and I’m glad Soph also had a good time. I thought the bad guy looked more like a bad guy from Harry Potter rather then Star Wars, and some things were a bit too quick. But it’s a fine move.
  • We’ve found an airbnb beach house in a stunning location. Unfortunately it didn’t have fresh water and we had to cross the beach getting stuck in the sand each time we were going or returning from grocery shopping.
  • I got hears infection and couldn’t sleep for 3 days
  • Soph was bited by some insect and had a violent allergic reaction, half of her arm was boiling and red like a pepper for days
  • spending days on the beach is nice, but we realised for us it’s boring. The most exciting thing that happened was Soph downing a beer after a lost bet (a spider was hunting a mosquito, and grabbed it after an epic jump just a second after Soph said “if the spider can take him out I will down a beer”).
  • Mountains are over, just a past dream, and we nearly passed out for the heat every day since xmas.
  • At Boxing day we went to cross the Nicaragua to Costa Rica border. We’ve found half a mile queue at the customs. They had only one officer working! After that the paper work process for importing the bike became just ridiculous. Had to go through 3 offices which would give you a paper to go in the next office, but you would need to go make a copy of the document, go to the next office, get the approval, and then back in previous office. Took 4/5 hours.
  • Costa rica looked impressive, I want to go back one day and visit properly. But it seemed just a holiday resort for Americans. I started hearing people talking Italian. Was so touristic. But the country looks incredible. Great beaches, waterfalls, jungles, forests… they have everything. But just too expensive for our trip. So after only two night we moved on.
  • We crossed today the Costa Rica to Panama border. Here they only use UD$, not even their own currency. Other 4 hours at the custom.
  • We accomplished 20.000Km from Milan! Maybe calculations are wrong… Sierra Nevada when we reached 10.000Km feels ages away.
  • The heat is getting extreme, we just want to get to Colombia and ride down. But to find a boat carrying us and the bike will be very challenging and expensive. Maybe too much. I am gutted we didn’t get to see Costa Rica and the rest of central America properly, but we couldn’t do otherwise if we don’t want to waste the whole budget here.
  • Mourinho was sucked
  • I am sorry, but it’s bee so hot we couldn’t take any pictures or videos since Honduras.

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    Niente male con quel pelo Gringo! ahahah

  2. Cid 03/01/2016

    Nice road trip my friend. Very adventurous and brave. Hope you succeed whatever your plans are. Keep safe my friend.

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