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  • IMG_0557-e1454464896490.jpg
  • IMG_20160202_172806.jpg

Pérou: on est bien mieux dans les montagnes!

Ah le Pérou, avec ses vues incroyables, sa Cordillère des Andes, ses flutes qui chantent au loin, l’osmose parfait avec la nature… Alors euh pas du tout… ☺ Je suis désolée par avance de casser le mythe mais il faut être honnête des fois. Tout n’est pas toujours tout rose et tout beau. Mais honnetement ..

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  • IMG_20160122_122000500.jpg
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  • IMG_0311.jpg

Ecuador, des routes mystiques…

Depuis notre arrive à Bogotá, ce qu’on a apprécié le plus c’est le climat. Enfin la fraicheur des montagnes et des hauts plateaux. Après notre journée hier entre Baños et Cuenca, on risque de changer d’avis d’ici quelques semaines.. On a d’ailleurs croisé un couple de polonais qui sont sur la route depuis 18 mois. ..

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  • IMG_0400.jpg

From Colombia, into Ecuador

For once over the last few weeks, leaving a country to cross into another one, was not all joy to get going. This time it was tied with a touch of sadness. That country was Colombia. From the people to the scenery it has been such a rewarding journey. Going through the high arid mountains from ..

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  • villa-de-leyva-sb.jpg
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  • villa-de-leyva-2.jpg
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Colombie: des coeurs en Or

  Je me suis dit que j’allais écrire ce post en anglais, vu que les derniers étaient en français. Mais là du coup, ce pays mérite bien qu’on en parle en deux langues. Depuis l’Utah aux Etats-Unis, c’est la première fois que j’éprouve autant d’émotions devant un tel paysage…peut être parce que en partie il ..

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The country of people with golden hearts…

It’s now been a week that we’ve been in Colombia. We had finally found a cargo to transport the moto by plain. And at the same time we found a new friend, Walter. Born in El Savador, he is Canadian and has been travelling from Toronto on his Scrambler….man that bike is pretty… We could ..

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End of December important events

We crossed the Guatemala to Honduras border, pissing off the Aduana (vehicles import office) woman as we treated her as if she was corrupted. After all 40$ for the permit feels a bit too much… We arrived at the Atlantic coast of Honduras spending the night on a nice beach and crossing the country in ..

  • IMG_0139.jpg
  • IMG_0138.jpg
  • IMG_0124.jpg
  • IMG_0123.jpg

Nicaragua, one fine sunset

The beach offered us a sunset with incredible colours. Unfortunately I couldn’t choose one pic over the others, so there you have a gallery of nearly identical images&#8230

  • IMG_20151208_112246050_HDR.jpg
  • IMG-20151215-WA0009.jpg
  • IMG-20151215-WA0001.jpg
  • IMG-20151215-WA0004.jpg
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La jungle? ouais carrément on y va!…

Je comprends pas comment je me retrouve toujours dans ces situations. Je le sais que j’aime pas particulièrement marcher. Mais pour quelques raisons que ce soit, je continue a m’aventurer dans des treks. Il est 6h00, on marche dans la boue depuis une heure déjà, au beau milieu de la jungle du Guatemala. Pourquoi? Alors ..

  • IMG_20151130_091342528_HDR-1.jpg
  • IMG_20151205_193331-1024x576.jpg
  • IMG_9810.jpg

Learning spanish in Guatemala

We’ve crossed the border about 3 days ago, from Mexico to Guatemala. We crossed at La Mesilla. It went quite smoothly to be honest. We were told to avoid week-end and try cross early morning. So we crossed on a sunday in the afternoon. Obviously. I was not nervous to cross the border, but I ..

Federal 190, the way out of Mexico

Federal 190, the way out of Mexico

I loved the federal 190 libre. What a road. If you read this I hope I am going to convince you… the 190 is a road worth to get a licence, fly to Mexico and ride it all the way down. From Durango we rode the 45 libre, with Steve, and the scenery was quite boring. ..

  • IMG_20151127_200242.jpg
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  • IMG_20151123_101627006.jpg
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  • IMG_20151124_125413322.jpg
  • IMG_9468.jpg

Tacos, Burritos, Fajitas, Gorditas, Tortas, Tequilla and Mezcal

It’s 9.38, we’re having a coffee americano, in Oaxaca. And obviously some galettes. I feel full and I’m happy. Not that I’m happy because I feel full. I actually often feel full. I feel like a balloon. I could explode. Thanks god I don’t. I blame that on the tortilla we’re eating everyday. Every Day. ..

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  • IMG_20151119_2017227311.jpg

Espinoza del Diablo – la Spina Dorsale del Diavolo

Dopo una ventina di interminabili ore insonni di traghetto da La Paz, Baja California, a Mazatlan, Messico mainland, dormiamo in un hotel da quattro soldi che ci fa parcheggiare le moto in corridoio. Uniamo le forze con Steve, canadese, che viaggia da solo su Suzuki DR 650 e che a spanne prevede di fare il nostro stesso ..

Welcome to Mexico – “No, go back!”

Welcome to Mexico – “No, go back!”

When we heard that “No, go back!” we just passed Guerrero Negro, in Baja California, and we were following the indications for “Ojo de Liebre” where we should have found a beach with cabins. That road after a couple of miles became gravel, and after a bit longer became sand. Riding on sand with our ..

California – new friends, nice roads and plenty traffic!

California – new friends, nice roads and plenty traffic!

Tomorrow the Mexican part of the adventure is going to start, we are in San Diego, ready to cross the border after a good night of rest. But we have been in California for ages, we stayed over much longer then any other state. And I guess it comes natural, it’s a big state with many ..

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Highway 1 – a bit of paradise in California

“Just make sure you take the Highway 1 from San Francisco to LA”, that’s what we have been told since we landed in New York, most days. Today we understood why… A hundred miles ride by a wild Pacific coast. I mean, a waterfall on a white beach. And sea lions. Where else does that ..

  • IMG_20151027_101615000.jpg
  • IMG_20151027_104750402.jpg
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  • IMG_20151027_134859379.jpg
  • IMG_20151027_134935685.jpg
  • IMG_20151027_135104886_HDR1.jpg

Death Valley

I think we woke up at 6:45, probably our record, in Las Vegas. I won’t miss Vegas, it can be fun if you go with a big wallet, but in a budget trip like ours everything seems terribly expensive. And by staying in a cheap hotel you just miss the whole point of being there. In ..

  • IMG_20151024_120957794.jpg
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  • IMG_20151025_114833897.jpg
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  • IMG_20151025_121012176.jpg
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  • IMG_20151025_125034168.jpg
  • IMG_20151025_133851157.jpg
  • IMG_20151025_142008537.jpg

Grand Canyon

Some Americans would tell you it’s just a big hole, others are proud of it. Some one compare it to incredible human achievements like the pyramids or the colosseum, even though the Americans didn’t build it but take the credit for it. Whatever is the case, the Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of ..

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  • IMG_20151020_130333663-1.jpg
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  • IMG_20151022_145824640.jpg
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  • IMG_20151021_140430916_HDR.jpg
  • IMG_20151020_142531815_HDR.jpg

Colorado et Utah – sans voix…

Il est 8h30. Nous sommes à Grand Junction, au Colorado. Il pleut. Mais pas le choix, aujourd’hui il faut absolument qu’on avance. Ils annoncent de la pluie pour les trois prochains jours. Si on part pas maintenant, on risque d’être coincé ici pour un moment. Surtout que pour atteindre l’Utah, on doit passer par les ..

Colorado e Utah – paradiso per motociclisti

Colorado e Utah – paradiso per motociclisti

Domani andiamo al Gran Canyon! Ma prima vorrei commentare i luoghi visti negli ultimi giorni, che mi hanno regalato centinaia di emozioni, mille motivazioni per continuare e sopratutto hanno dato un senso a tutti i rischi presi finora. Parlo di Colorado e Utah! E ne parlo in italiano, visto che Soph ha già scritto un ..

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  • IMG_20151021_190508111.jpg
  • IMG_20151021_121613311_HDR.jpg
  • IMG_20151021_135633570_HDR.jpg
  • IMG_2855.jpg
  • IMG_20151022_125145893.jpg
  • IMG_20151021_140430916_HDR.jpg
  • IMG_20151022_132600801_HDR1.jpg
  • IMG_20151020_130333663-1.jpg
  • IMG_20151022_145824640.jpg
  • IMG_20151022_153934320.jpg
  • IMG_20151023_114058475_HDR.jpg

I want to live in Colorado, have a big 4X4 pick up…

and every week-end throwing everything at the back and go to Utah! How’s that sound? Well that is pretty much how I felt every seconds since we entered Colorado and arrive in Canyonlands in Utah… You’d probably have to stay in Denver as outside there is not thaaaat much. Well the outskirt of Denver in ..

Route 66

Route 66

Arrivare alla Route 66 era il primo obiettivo che ci eravamo prefissati. Pensavamo di percorrerla fino al Pacifico, più o meno. Invece, ci accontentiamo solo del tratto da Tulsa a Oklahoma City. Dopo Oklahoma infatti abbiamo deciso di proseguire per il Kansas e Colorado che sembra essere la meta raccomandata da tutti insieme al New ..

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Route 66

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Route 66

Yesterday was the “Back to the Future day, and it’s a bit early in the morning, I can’t sleep anymore but outside it’s still dark so while I wait for Sophie to wake up I thought I could catch up with some stories from the last few days… It was a shame to leave Memphis, we ..

  • IMG_20151014_195656624.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195709246.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195722743.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195736454.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195802383.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195822388.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195905921.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195926304.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_195946034.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200013978.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200023749.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200044836.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200057396.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200118425.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200144284.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200154071.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200214543.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200235453.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200247824.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200259034.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200333655.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200349351_HDR.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200442861.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200501903.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200510845.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_200644458.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_201357319.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_201411479.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_213906138.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_213933507.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_214302885.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_214311922.jpg

Unexpected motorshow in Memphis!

So this is what every Wednesday happens in Beale St. in Memphis, just in the middle of the best Blues and Rock’n’Roll live clubs ever! Mostly HDs, one pretty Indian, a couple of BMWs and Triumphs, one Ducati which stands out, some royals here and there and then plenty of customs, mostly stuff I don’t ..

  • IMG_20151014_164712254_HDR1.jpg
  • IMG_20151013_202558390.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_174350348.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_182024856_HDR.jpg
  • IMG_20151013_192648799.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_191820269.jpg
  • IMG_20151013_190759443.jpg
  • IMG_20151014_203627543.jpg

Nashville and Memphis… a musical pause in our Journey

Here we are, we have left dear Kentucky, where the only thing we did not do was to get a KFC. I know. I nearly regret it too. Nearly. But, horse racing: ticked. Bourbon tasting: ticked. Oh by the way, on that note. I was taught that Bourbon can only be made in Kentucky. Well, ..