Tidy? yeah, it’s me…

It looks like a ghost town. It’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s in the middle of Kansas. It’s a small american-mexican dinner. Four old big guys are seating at a table near us. “That’s your bike outside there?” “Yes, it is!” “well nice bike. Looking all nice and neat. Can see there is a ..

Apres les routes de Memphis y’a!!…l’Arkansas..et Oklahoma!

Après avoir bougé notre popotin (enfin le mien surtout) sur les routes de Memphis lalalalala..sur les routes de Memphis…nous voila en direction d’Oklahoma. C’est la traversée de l’Arkansas… il faut je pense y être né pour ma fois apprécier à sa juste valeur ce paysage…comment dire…assez similaire du début de l’Arkansas à la fin de ..

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Kansas…god he did wind us up…

Man if Colorado was closer to Europe, I would definitely move there. No question asked. But before getting there, let’s say few words about Kansas. So we left the route 66 more or less at Oklahoma City to go north. This on the advise the night before of Sam, a barman we met in Oklahoma ..

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Route 66

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Route 66

Yesterday was the “Back to the Future day, and it’s a bit early in the morning, I can’t sleep anymore but outside it’s still dark so while I wait for Sophie to wake up I thought I could catch up with some stories from the last few days… It was a shame to leave Memphis, we ..

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Unexpected motorshow in Memphis!

So this is what every Wednesday happens in Beale St. in Memphis, just in the middle of the best Blues and Rock’n’Roll live clubs ever! Mostly HDs, one pretty Indian, a couple of BMWs and Triumphs, one Ducati which stands out, some royals here and there and then plenty of customs, mostly stuff I don’t ..

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Nashville and Memphis… a musical pause in our Journey

Here we are, we have left dear Kentucky, where the only thing we did not do was to get a KFC. I know. I nearly regret it too. Nearly. But, horse racing: ticked. Bourbon tasting: ticked. Oh by the way, on that note. I was taught that Bourbon can only be made in Kentucky. Well, ..

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One of the best things on the trip

I have not been writing for a while. I don’t want to write more or less what Mass is already writing. Mainly as it would be kind of boring for you. And for me too, to be fair. Mass is a lot faster than I am at writing things down. And he is doing a pretty good job ..

Keeneland – horse racing paradise!

Keeneland – horse racing paradise!

For this amazing sunny Sunday we decided to treat ourself with a new experience, a day at the horse races! Check the video to see what happened&#8230

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I love Kentucky

I was riding the bike with Sophie early in the morning, we were leaving West Virginia, and I was a bit gutted for not staying longer because I really loved the great atmosphere the forest and the nature create, although we didn’t really connect with the people. Just after a couple of miles from the big board ..

Across Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia… what a day!

Across Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia… what a day!

We woke up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We were there because we were recommended by the guys at Cross Country Cycles. The Canadian woman While I was setting up the bike at 8 am, I hear some woman voice saying “I don’t recognise that plate”. I explained the whole story to this lady and her husband, an ..

Every good trip has a problematic begin!

Every good trip has a problematic begin!

The big day arrived, back to JFK to collect the motorbike! So we left Simone’s amazing flat (in West Broadway Manhattan!!!) early in the morning. First stop is the “cheapest hotel in NY” in Harlem because I had the brilliant idea to forget my laptop charger there! So one hour is wasted just for that. ..

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Titine est arrivée!!

Jour J. Après une nuit mouvementée dans le plus bel hôtel de New York, un après-midi à l’aéroport JFK entre l’entrepôt Cargo de Virgin Atlantic et le bâtiment des Douanes Américaines…On peut enfin récupérer Titine!! 🙂 Elle arrive plus que bien emballée la minette. Commence la recherche d’outils pour ouvrir le carton et casser l’armature ..

10 minutes of confusion at Dunkin’ Donuts

I went to Dunkin’ Donuts. I just wanted a coffee really and try a donut. Their plain one. Just with sugar. So little did I know. Ordering a donut here is like ordering a coffee in Italy. You get confused. Especially when your waitress has a strong Indian accent (says the woman with an even ..

La quiete dopo la tempesta

La quiete dopo la tempesta

Era ora di scrivere qualcosa in italiano. Mentre Soph si sta docciando, io ancora puzzo come un cane, e ripenso alle condizioni di ieri sera (trovate il video nel post precedente). NYC sembra un posto abbastanza difficile dove vivere se non si hanno tanti soldi. Noi stiamo provando a spendere poco visto che il budget ..

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The cheapest hotel in NYC

Just while writing this some weird noises are coming from the opposite room in the corridor and a few seconds before Soph told me “while you were downstairs having massage I heard gun fire” (I will explain the massage thing later). So what’s going on? It’s a long story, but the fancy flat our friend ..

New York here we come… maybe…

New York here we come… maybe…

We rushed to finish our second glass of malbec at “The London Bar” in Gatwick terminal as we heard the gate closing call for our flight. Before going we stop quickly at Pret a Manger, our Norwegian Airways is an economy flight and they don’t give you food for free apparently, so I get a sushi ..

The Baguette machine

The Baguette machine

What a surprise! I didn’t know baguette machines were taking over France! Ok, we were hungry, and now we are happy, it’s all super cool, but where is the RUM MACHINE???

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Bonjour France – land of cheese and more

After running 20 minutes from Archway to Holloway and back I feel like chatting about the first couple of days in France. As usual when I cross the Italian/French border I start getting psychologically ready for 2 hard tasks which strongly require me to keep my nerves cool. First of all speaking French, it ain’t easy ..

Presentation détaillée du voyage

  Nous : « Euh, alors on a décidé de faire un long voyage ! » La personne responsable : “Excellent! où ça ?” Nous : « Milan, la France, Londres, Les Etats-Unis, l’Amérique centrale, Amérique du sud.” La personne responsable : “Wow, vous faîtes quels pays en Amérique centrale ?” Nous : “Euh…ben on verra” Une autre personne responsable : “Vous partez combien de temps ?” Nous : “Euh…ben ..

Bye bye Milan – the beginning of the adventure!

Bye bye Milan – the beginning of the adventure!

There we are, with our motorcycle, under the Milan Duomo, dressed like robocop, saying “bye bye Italy” where we lived for the past 2 years, and start a trip we have been dreaming about for years! I can’t tell anymore if we resigned because we wanted to travel, or we really wanted to resign and the choice of ..