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home and garden Magazine - Las Penitas

home and garden Magazine – Las Penitas



I’m busy reading a Better Homes and Garden magazine who was lying there and I’m like, why on earth are we doing that again?

I’m looking at those beautiful kitchen stuffs and living room designs and I keep on imagining my kitchen and living room. Some pictures display people to make it more “real”. So I see those three women sharing a great moment around the kitchen cooking plan with a glass of wine in hand, and I think of my friends. Would love to have them around my kitchen, preparing a nice meal and opening a great bottle of wine. Each one telling her story on what happened this week…

It could have been us. We did not go on holidays, we had a low spending lifestyle for two or three years. Me studying and then me working for 70 hours a week with one day off to sleep, helped. Undeniably.
With luck we would have found a place to buy and built a home. But no, we decided to resign and use our savings to go on adventure…

To be fair, I would not know where to set up my beautiful house…never mind the city, but which country? My dear friends are scattered all over the world and my family too, to a smaller extend. So in a way, that cosy home with my friends and family around is not that realistic.

No regrets.

We are living something amazing. Yes at times it’s not easy. We are travelling on budget and for a long time. But what we’re living everyday is huge. The experience, the discovery of other countries, languages, culture, people, approach to life in general…and about us too. I have a great partner to do it too, always looking after me.
It’s great to think that you still have so many things to learn, even around 35 years old…ok 36…ok nearly 37. GOD, 37!?! What the hell happened there? How did I get there without noticing it?

I can’t believe some of you are even thinking it…NO, wine had NOTHING to do with that…Jesus..

However crazy is that trip, now was definitely the best time though…
I still hope to have a family one day…to follow the normal path people are usually following. I’m not an anarchist nor a hippy who just want to live out of banana leaves and fish by the beach. NO. I find those people quite crazy actually. Who would want, in a right state of mind, to shower with rain water everyday, relieving yourself in the bush with mosquitoes biting your ass, smelling fish all year long, while you could opened a bottle of Barbaresco and watch Homeland every night on your comfy sofa? Really.
I love adventure but I love my comfort too…and my wine…and my snow…and my cheese!

I want to be in that kitchen one day, that will be mine, decorated by me, with my friends around having a glass of wine in their hand and talking about both superficial things for a little bit just for a laugh and then spending hours talking about stuff that really matters…

Friends and family I can’t wait to get back to you and give you a big big hug.

For now I need to go to the bloody toilet again…life with Sophie is kind of a poem I know.

Love you all

The not so adventurous woman after all…

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  1. Fabio 26/12/2015

    Buon Natale Ragazzi 🙂

    • Sophie 30/12/2015

      Grazie Disa! visto come veloce sono, ti auguro già un buon capo d’anno! 🙂 un abbracio a voi due!

  2. tiziano 31/12/2015

    ho passato la mattina dell’ultimo giorno dell’anno a leggere le vostre storie
    è meraviglioso quello che avete scritto e quello che state vivendo
    buon anno ragazzi, ciao

    • Sophie Guedon 31/12/2015

      Che piacere di leggerti Tiziano! grazie mille per il tuo messaggio e grazie per leggere e seguirci sul blog. Fa veramente piacere. Siamo in Panama adesso. Come Massi diceva, nel ultimo paese del continent per celebrare l’ultimo giorno dell’anno…Vi pensiamo tanto. Buon anno a voi! ci vediamo presto in 2016!

  3. Carla 01/01/2016

    Ciao dolce Sophie , che belle cose che hai scritto . Di sicuro un buon bicchiere di vino quando tornate ce lo beviamo tutti insieme ……. intanto auguro a te e Massi di continuare in serenità questo splendido viaggio …….. BUON 2016 Un grande abbraccio Carla

  4. Sophie 04/01/2016

    Cara Carla, grazie mille per il tuo messaggio. Faremmo il possibile per continuare questa splendida avventura al meglio. Grazie per tuo sopporto 🙂 Ho preso nota per il bicchiere. Faremo un bel Perlé di Ferrari 😉 Un grande bacio!

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