Walter Marroquin

Walter Marroquin

Walter came into our lives in Panama. After a couple of beers we already knew we would travel together until the end of the trip.

He was riding down from Canada, on his loved Triumph Scrambler.

We decided to ride until the end of the world together, to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

Walter was the most positive person we’ve ever met.

He would never get crossed, never get stressed. Everything would be good enough for him. He would make the most of each situation.
He was the incarnation of kindness. A great spirit for adventure, and so much enthusiasm for life.

You couldn’t help loving him. He had such a smile, an amazing sense of humour, a big heart. Walter was an angel, an example in life.

In such a short period of time, he became a dear dear friend. A brother.
One of those friendships that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

But his path took a different turn on the way from Copacabana to La Paz.

Walter left us…but be never gave up.

He kept his sense of humour and incredible spirit up to the end.

Right now it’s just pain. But Walter, we are so glad our path crossed.

You changed our life for ever.

We miss you terribly. But we know you are in peace.
We will ride together forever. Nuestro hermano.

Massimo & Sophie

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Pérou: on est bien mieux dans les montagnes!

Ah le Pérou, avec ses vues incroyables, sa Cordillère des Andes, ses flutes qui chantent au loin, l’osmose parfait avec la nature… Alors euh pas du tout… ☺ Je suis désolée par avance de casser le mythe mais il faut être honnête des fois. Tout n’est pas toujours tout rose et tout beau...


  1. Julie 17/02/2016

    Thank you for the pictures is good to know that water had so much fun!!!I’m glad he got to meet you both…He send me a picture with you both.

  2. Salman 17/02/2016

    Hi I just came to know about Walter that he is no more, its a terrible loss can any one tell what happened. I am his colleague @ work.

    • Massimo 18/02/2016

      Hi Salman, I’m sorry you had to learn this way this terrible news. Walter passed away last saturday. He got hit by a car.
      Please don’t hesitate to contact us on It’s a painful time, we send you our love.

  3. Liliana 18/02/2016

    Thank you very much ,Massimo &Sophie for sharing these pictures, of our brother,friend Walter M. With us a kind loving person who was friendly to everyone,its good to know that he had fun and was also happy …⭐️

  4. Chris 18/02/2016

    thank you greatly for putting this tribute up for Walter. It is so painful to believe he is gone. it has been some solace to see these pictures of him

  5. Sophie 18/02/2016

    Julie, Liliana, Chris, thank you for your message. He was an incredible man who touched so many persons.

  6. Brian Davis 19/02/2016

    My friend you will always be respected and remembered. Your TTC familia

  7. Michael Pereira 19/02/2016

    Knowing that I won’t see him at work to crack jokes or talk about bikes anymore is heart breaking,but seeing he was smiling in all these pictures help’s the pain.He will truly be missed and thank you for sharing these photos.

  8. Ana 20/02/2016

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.. he was always smiling on the pictures you posted, RIP Walter

  9. Sumana 21/02/2016

    What a beautiful tribute. Walter was clearly loved by so many including you two. I am glad you got to meet him and spend time with him. Made me very sad to see this.

  10. Xiomara 21/02/2016

    Thank you Sophie and Massimo for sharing such lovely pictures and videos of our dear Walter. We’ll miss him dearly!

  11. Marco 24/02/2016

    Hey hermano, te vamos a extrañar, especialmente cuando estamos “trabajando como burros”…

  12. Roy hartley 25/02/2016

    Walter you will be missed! The passion and love of riding was “what you love the most. Every time we talk you ask me “when are you going to cut that beard ? I always told ya ,when you cut your hair . Great soul,i will never forget and never be forgotten.

  13. stephenie 25/02/2016

    Such a great guy,great soul and alot of passion for life,you will be missed !

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