Who? Why? How?

Who? Why? How?

Today we flew over the Nazca lines after a 7/8 hours ride through the desert from Lima to Nazca.

Boring ride except the last 100km, which are actually amazing. while riding I thought I must have seen such landscapes at last year Dakar. One stop at the Ica’s oasis, this lake in the sand in the middle of dunes, and all the way straight to Nazca’s airport.

All just to see these mysterious lines.

None know who made them or why. They just know they are from 200 BC.

There is a road in the middle of the desert. Around it there are the lines. You would never realise they are there unless you are told, and you can read the tourist info banners, of course, so you know you are in the middle of them. Otherwise nothing, you would drive pass and not notice them.

You need to catch the airplane, a 6 seats one, a Cessna! I had a great time, but Soph seating behind me was quite stressed, hahahah, I think she struggle to keep it inside. anyway, the whole thing is impressive, authentic and mysterious. You see the shapes of the animals which are quite well preserved but a bit small. Instead, I was more impressed for the massive geometric shapes, lines long miles and rectangles and triangles big like city blocks.

If you are around and you are thinking about it just pay these 70$ flight and go for it!

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    Amazing photos! You both look well.

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